We are one of the biggest antiques centers in New England.  Our fans say it is the best antique store that they have ever been to.  Wear comfortable shoes ….. THIS PLACE IS HUGE!!  

Within our hundreds of spaces, you will find treasures large and small from all over the world. Founded in 1993, for over a quarter century ANTIQUES USA has been dedicated to helping people experience the pleasure of treasure.


Everyone defines treasure differently. For some it may mean traditional antiques and collectibles, for others it can be beautiful mid-century or Danish modern design or everything in between. Whether you are a collector, a picker/reseller, or just someone who loves old things, you are sure to find your treasure in our 15,000 square-foot showroom all on one floor!



Since a picture is worth a thousand words, visit our photo gallery so you can see why Antiques USA is one of New England‘s favorite treasure hunting destinations!




Our dealers are some of the Best in the business! They are skilled pickers busy ferreting out goodies in old New England attics, cellars and barns. They are the pioneers knocking on people’s doors and unearthing treasures that haven’t seen the light of day for generations.

They are also the early birds at estate sales, flea markets, and yard sales who get the good finds and bring them directly to their shelves, booths and cases in our store. We also have passionate collectors from all walks of life who have become Antiques USA dealers.  They sift through their wonderful collections to offer nice examples and share their joy of collecting with our customers.




That’s right! Not only do we have BIG real estate, we have the best stuff out there in beautiful coastal southern Maine.  People come from across the country and all parts of the world to shop at Antiques USA. When you walk into our center, we want it to be an immersive experience for you.  We want you to be in the thick of vintage, of retro and of antique. We want you to feel like treasure hunters.  Encouraging you to scour the spaces and unearth rarities that make your heart sing.



It needs to stop, as Margaret Mead said, “worshiping the new thing.”  It needs to stop turning its back on history, on culture and on the bright colors of ethnic creativity. all need to re-calibrate our love of the old.  We need to relish the buttery feel of coin silver.  We need to bask in the silky skin of ancient oak that has been fashioned into a sturdy chair.  We need to admire the fine workman and workwomanship of Pepperell textiles that were snapped up by half the world in the 1800s.

We need to put new labels on what is perceived as “trash” and call it “treasure.”  We need to preserve these beautiful objects for future generations.

And that’s “the Why” of Antiques USA.  We want to this to be a place where antique lovers can immerse themselves in ancient art and beauty.  We want to be the place that takes our society’s unbridled love of technology and adds to it a love of art, culture and history.  We want all of you reading this to enter the ranks of treasure hunters.

We are one of the few, if not only, places in Maine that offers this immersive 

experience in antiques, in vintage and in retro.

Join us on this quest for treasure  –  visit our store, be a part of our community,

or enter our dealer ranks.

All of what we do echoes the mantra of sustainability.  Antiques aren’t junk.  They reflect art, culture and waves of human history.  Antiques, retro and vintage have the stamp of quality, the passion of design and the pride in creating things right and with an intent to last.

When you visit our store, know that you are doing something noble.  You are alchemists turning someone’s unwanted items into treasure, restoring beautiful art to its dignity.

You are saving our planet by not throwing old things away and relegating them to a landfill.  And you are cherishing that which is beautiful and has survived many years to be on our shelves. Antiques are echoes of the past.  They retain the patina of years of traveling, living in homes, and of being partners in people’s lives. Our disposable culture needs to reach a pivotal turning point in its evolution.