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In : News Comments : 0 Author : Louise M Date : 01 Dec 2018

Why We Are Here.

All of what we do at Antiques USA echoes the mantra of sustainability. Antiques aren’t junk. They reflect art, culture and waves of human history. Antiques, retro and vintage have the stamp of quality. This stuff is not made by machine — it’s fashioned by human hands. It reflects the passion of design and the pride in creating things right and with an intent to last.

When you visit our store, know that you are doing something noble. You are alchemists turning the old things into treasure, restoring beautiful art to its dignity. You are saving our planet by not throwing old things away and relegating them to a landfill. And you are giving your assent to that which is beautiful and that which has braved hundreds of years to be on our shelves.

Why we are here