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If Antiques Could Talk - In: News

In : News Comments : 0 Author : Louise M Date : 20 Jan 2019
Torn Lady - Antiques USA
The Torn Lady – Painting from the 1840s

Energy never disappears.  But, what if energy inheres in objects?  What if these beautiful treasures could tell us their stories?  What if they could tell us who fashioned them from clay, from wood and bronze?  What if they could tell us how many hands and homes they passed through before they made it to our hands and our homes?

I always imagine this young woman from the 1840s was soon to be a bride when this was painted. The artist spent a day painting her beautiful face while his understudy finished painting her neck and dress.  I wonder if she was joyful – happy to be a bride or was she forced into an unhappy family alliance?  

We don’t know who she was or where she came from.  We only have her lovely face framed by wild ivy.



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