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Go Green! - In: News

In : News Comments : 0 Author : Louise M Date : 04 Dec 2018

Antiques are inherently sustainable and green.  It’s recycling at its finest.  Instead of throwing all those antiques away, we are lovingly washing them and putting them in our china cabinets.  We are treasuring the things that our or someone else’s grandmothers or mothers bought.

Take the mid-century plates gracing one of our cases.  They were very 1950s – a slick vanilla coating with bursts of gold stars.  They had a wonderful feel to them, unlike the new, cheap plates.   I could only imagine the thrill that these brought a 1950s housewife and thought of all the dinners these objects were a part of.  And soon they will be a part of someone else’s lives and lovingly passed on to their children.

Thank you to all the people who buy antiques.  You are not only part of a big chain of ownership, but you are also preserving the earth.

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