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In : News Comments : 0 Author : Louise M Date : 20 Jan 2019
Torn Lady - Antiques USA
The Torn Lady – Painting from the 1840s

Energy never disappears.  But, what if energy inheres in objects?  What if these beautiful treasures could tell us their stories?  What if they could tell us who fashioned them from clay, from wood and bronze?  What if they could tell us how many hands and homes they passed through before they made it to our hands and our homes?

I always imagine this young woman from the 1840s was soon to be a bride when this was painted. The artist spent a day painting her beautiful face while his understudy finished painting her neck and dress.  I wonder if she was joyful – happy to be a bride or was she forced into an unhappy family alliance?  

We don’t know who she was or where she came from.  We only have her lovely face framed by wild ivy.



In : News Comments : 0 Author : Louise M Date : 04 Dec 2018

The great joy in my life is treasure hunting.   Whether foraging at yard sales or visiting dainty antique stores, my heart races when I see something valuable in the thick of common stuff.  Recently, I bought some pieces of early 1800s furniture – all were great items, but didn’t have the awe-inspiring appeal of the painting I saw at Antiques USA one day.

Set in a Victorian frame was the painting of a beautiful teenager that a master painter painted in the 1830s or 1840s.  Her skin was alabaster white and she had haunting brown eyes.  I turned the painting over and saw that it was mounted on a hand-hewn frame and was from New York City.  I turned the painting back to look at her face.

A lot of times early paintings are of prominent men and women who have lost their youth and frankly, aren’t very attractive.  This woman was stunning.  She was elegant and filled with all the power and beauty of youth. It was marked “as is” because of a slight tear in the canvas.    What was equally remarkable was the trail of ivy that was strewn along her gauze dress.  It might have been the artistic signature of the artist.

The great thing about antiques is that the value sometimes isn’t what the world values, but the value that you place in something.  I looked at this painting and thought it is amazing to think that this woman lived nearly two hundred years ago and although all her dreams and aspirations were now dust, I could look at this marvelous record of her life.

In : News Comments : 0 Author : Louise M Date : 04 Dec 2018

Bowling balls.  One doesn’t usually put these in the antique category, but if you are an avid gardener like me, you will envision them as wonderful architectural effects.  I nearly jump for joy when I find a cool bowling ball at Antiques USA to add to my vast collection.

Antiques USAIf you believe the power inheres in objects, you would also understand how these bowling balls have a lot of positive energy and fun associated with them.  One can only imagine the games played with these bowling balls.  Many of them have names embossed across the top.  I have a bright red one with the name, Valerie, on it.  I have a collection of teal blue ones with different initials.

I wonder how many lanes these bowling balls rolled down and how many people lovingly polished them for a big championship.

When I put these bowling balls in piles of black mulch, they looked like they are etched from black marble or granite.  One is not immediately struck with the fact that they are bowling balls.  The great news is that are hardy enough to survive the brutal Maine winters with hardly a scratch.

In : News Comments : 0 Author : Louise M Date : 04 Dec 2018

Even though it is December and we are heading into the long belt of winter, many of us antique mavens are thinking of the sale ahead – the heart-pounding moment of the first day of the Antiques USA Sale.

All of Antiques USA finest dealers are packing their cases and booths with fresh inventory.  The discounts will range from 10% to a whopping 75% off.

Lines start at the door at around 930 and once it’s 10 AM, eager customers stampede down the aisles.

Be sure to arrive early and put your sneakers on!

In : News Comments : 0 Author : Louise M Date : 04 Dec 2018

Antiques are inherently sustainable and green.  It’s recycling at its finest.  Instead of throwing all those antiques away, we are lovingly washing them and putting them in our china cabinets.  We are treasuring the things that our or someone else’s grandmothers or mothers bought.

Take the mid-century plates gracing one of our cases.  They were very 1950s – a slick vanilla coating with bursts of gold stars.  They had a wonderful feel to them, unlike the new, cheap plates.   I could only imagine the thrill that these brought a 1950s housewife and thought of all the dinners these objects were a part of.  And soon they will be a part of someone else’s lives and lovingly passed on to their children.

Thank you to all the people who buy antiques.  You are not only part of a big chain of ownership, but you are also preserving the earth.

In : News Comments : 0 Author : Louise M Date : 04 Dec 2018

It’s simple.  We are all crazy for treasure.  We are the ones that spend our weekends treasure-troving at yard sales, estate sales and fairs.

We love antiques because they are infused with history.  They reflect culture at a certain place and time.    They are art.

Antiques last.  They are nothing like the flimsy, disposable things you buy in the stores today.  They have structure.  They have character.  And they were built to weather the decades of time.

Let’s face it — Antiques are cool.  Who wouldn’t like to lounge on an uber cool retro couch sipping a drink out of a rolly-poly glass?  Or feel the hundreds of years of energy from a beautiful pumpkin pine farm table?

Don’t take our word for it.  Take a stroll down our antique-packed aisles and let us know what you think.

In : News Comments : 0 Author : Louise M Date : 01 Dec 2018

Why We Are Here.

All of what we do at Antiques USA echoes the mantra of sustainability. Antiques aren’t junk. They reflect art, culture and waves of human history. Antiques, retro and vintage have the stamp of quality. This stuff is not made by machine — it’s fashioned by human hands. It reflects the passion of design and the pride in creating things right and with an intent to last.

When you visit our store, know that you are doing something noble. You are alchemists turning the old things into treasure, restoring beautiful art to its dignity. You are saving our planet by not throwing old things away and relegating them to a landfill. And you are giving your assent to that which is beautiful and that which has braved hundreds of years to be on our shelves.