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Bowling Balls are Cool! - In: News

In : News Comments : 0 Author : Louise M Date : 04 Dec 2018

Bowling balls.  One doesn’t usually put these in the antique category, but if you are an avid gardener like me, you will envision them as wonderful architectural effects.  I nearly jump for joy when I find a cool bowling ball at Antiques USA to add to my vast collection.

Antiques USAIf you believe the power inheres in objects, you would also understand how these bowling balls have a lot of positive energy and fun associated with them.  One can only imagine the games played with these bowling balls.  Many of them have names embossed across the top.  I have a bright red one with the name, Valerie, on it.  I have a collection of teal blue ones with different initials.

I wonder how many lanes these bowling balls rolled down and how many people lovingly polished them for a big championship.

When I put these bowling balls in piles of black mulch, they looked like they are etched from black marble or granite.  One is not immediately struck with the fact that they are bowling balls.  The great news is that are hardy enough to survive the brutal Maine winters with hardly a scratch.

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